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Published on July 11th, 2017 | by Tariq Peters



Yung Fume has broken barriers to become one of the most exciting prospects to come out of the UK Rap scene. Yung Fume has gone from strength to strength developing and crafting his style and paving his own lane in the music industry with his unique, reinvented Trap sound.

Although his sound may have been misunderstood in the earlier stages of his career, Yung Fume is arguably ahead of his time with an experimental approach to his music blending melodic vocals with relentless, hard-hitting flows.

After a series of versatile projects over the years, Yung Fume is looking to take his music to the next level with his third instalment of the ‘Noughts & Crosses’ mixtape series entitled ‘Noughts & Crosses 3’, a 14-track project that aims to expand his fan base and let the industry understand exactly who Yung Fume is and why he is worthy of the top spot.

With a fruitful selection of features from the likes of AJ Tracey, Abra Cadabra, Nafe Smallz and Fee Gonzalez, is ‘Noughts & Crosses 3’ Yung Fume’s most important project to date?

The mixtape starts with the intro “I Didn’t” as Yung Fume speaks on growing up in South London and the mistakes he made in the past. Now that he is finally getting a break in music he refuses to get caught up in the lifestyle he once lived as his prime focus being music has him more determined than ever.

Despite the intro not being as explosive as anticipated, Yung Fume rectifies that with the following track “2 Chains”. Yung Fume reintroduces us to the energy fuelled bangers that catapulted him into the limelight as he speaks on his new lavish lifestyle as a result of staying consistent and having a true belief in his sound.

Yung Fume gives us an insight into what drives him to work so hard with tracks such as “Let It Work”, “F.A.M.E” and “You Ain’t For Me”. These tracks in particular really set the tone for the project as he tells us the story of his come up and his hard graft in the studio, which really adds more depth and meaning to the mixtape compared to previous projects.

Yung Fume gets braggadocios in the bass bumping “Look What I Did” featuring AJ Tracey, the track serves as a reminder to all the people that doubted him that thought he could never make it in the music industry.

The stand out track on the mixtape “Kick Down Doors” featuring Abra Cadabra is a certified banger which is definitely catered for the mosh pit crew. The verse from Abra Cadabra adds a touch of grittiness to the track and surprisingly complements the waviness of Yung Fume extremely well.

The highly acclaimed lead single of the mixtape “Watch Me Flex” has a universal charm to it and a lot of mainstream appeal due to its bouncy production and relatable, catchy lyrics. The flamboyant track has gained widespread attention and has received heavy co-signs from Nigerian artist Wiz Kid, Ty Dollar Sign and Tinie Tempah who jumped on the official remix.

Yung Fume links up with Luton based artist Nafe Smallz for “All My Life”. Both artists demonstrate their wavy, versatile style on the track and offers melodic vocals and smooth lyrics making this a memorable track that brings out the best in Yung Fume as he speaks on his rise to the top without the need of outside help.

Overall, ‘Noughts & Crosses 3’ incorporates many elements that Yung Fume has developed throughout his career and as a result, this is one of his most defining projects to date. Yung Fume caters this mixtape for various listeners from his core fans that supported from the beginning and new supporters who recently caught on to the wave.

We get a mix of hype, energetic music to reflective tracks focusing on more personal topics, and even when he speaks on subjects that stray from the topic of fame, money and women, his melodic style makes the mixtape an easy listen regardless.

Against all odds, Yung Fume has certainly paved his own lane in the music industry and he is living proof that with perseverance anything is possible. With what was an enduring journey for his music to be appreciated, you can no longer deny the wave of Yung Fume.

Favourite Track: Kick Down Doors featuring Abra Cadabra

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