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Emerging Manchester-based rapper Prido returns with brand new visuals to his latest single “Dunya” featuring fellow Manchester rapper Tantzz.

The track highlights the day to day hardships that young minorities living in deprived areas of the UK face in order to make ends meet. However, Prido’s main message comes from a place of sincerity as he urges young people to refrain from a life of crime and aim to seek the positives in life.

Speaking on the meaning behind his latest track, he explains “In the last year, all the songs I released have had no meaning to them, as in a positive meaning. I wanted to make a track that would sound gritty but still have a meaning to it. That’s pretty much how Dunya came about and obviously, I had to add one of the coldest MC’s from Manchester Tantzz to give it that extra sauce.”

We spoke to Prido to learn more about his musical journey as an artist:

“I started music at a young age, probably around 9-10 or so. My family are quite religious, so I used to go church with my mum. I had to sing whilst I was there and that pretty much developed into what I do now. “

“My music style has a lot of influences in it, I’m a huge fan of melody regardless of what genre it is, but being African the Afro-rhythm has been one of the stronger influences in regards to my music. My influences over the years have varied due to growth so at the moment I cannot really put a point on my style. One day I will wake up feeling to do Hip Hop, next day R&B, then the next Afrobeats, I pretty much go with the vibe, so my style is any style.”

“You can expect a lot of high-quality music definitely! I’m looking to put more effort into my craft and give the world the best version of me, and bring an even brighter light to my city Manchester”

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