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Hackney-based alternative Hip Hop Duo Knighthood (HennyKnightz & Nicki Knightz) drop the latest visuals to their brand-new track “XXXXX”.

Produced by Henny Knightz, the trippy visuals complement the overall happy go lucky style and tone of the track as they’re surrounded by the people that mean the most to them as they live life in the moment.

Contrasting from their usual sound reflecting on my personal issues, this track showcases their versatility and offers a new side to their artistry.

We had a brief catch up with the East London duo to find out more about how they got started in music, the concept behind their latest track and plans for 2018:

How did you get started in music and how would you describe your musical style?

[Henny]: I got into music because I needed a voice and a form of expression. I often was the person being talked over or forgotten and my general shyness and anxiety made it hard for me to speak freely and confidently. I always did art but I wanted something more direct, I found that confidence in music. I got fragments of my musical style from old Three 6 Mafia mixtapes my older brother had obtained, along with a wide array of music from my family.

[Nicki]: Well, both my older brothers were musicians and when I was younger, I really looked up to them and admired what they did. I used to sit down in front of their MAC desktop when they were out, watching over and over again small freestyle videos or listen on iTunes to the songs they were making at the time and I really wanted to do the same. I started writing more poetry initially and then ventured more into rapping on instrumentals. I’d describe my musical style as raw and uncut, I’m a big fan of opening up on my tracks and allowing the listener to delve deep into my mind. I feel the best way to get to know me is by listening to my songs especially because of how socially reclusive I can be.

What would you say is the concept behind your track “XXXXX”?

[Nicki]: There isn’t any real set-in-stone concept of the song, for once. We literally just went to the mic one by one and sang the first thing that came to us. I feel it shows versatility in us as artists, we haven’t really done a song as playful before, our sound is normally really dark. The video, however, I feel does bring more of a concept to the song as an audience, especially the intro, so if I had to say what the concept was based on the video, I would say it’s based on one of those nights with your friends where you just want to get lost to ignore whatever demanding troubles life is feeding you with.

[Henny]: ‘XXXXX’ was made from Nick and I chilling, having a good time working on music and we decided to freestyle (Really freestyle, not pre-write) over a beat I made. The lyrics were just a reflection of what was on our mind at the time. There was a bar I had to cut out of the song due to the fact it reflected thoughts of suicide I had at the time, I didn’t feel it was right for the song or worst yet I’m a strong believer of thoughts become real things and I didn’t want that to become true.

Musical influences?

[Henny]: Anything and everything, I love different. If it becomes too same-ish I get bored easily but even boring tracks can be bangers in the right setting.

[Nicki]: I listen to a variety of different artists and genres. Right now influencing me though, I’d have to say is Little Simz, purely because of how slept on she is in the UK but is still making a killing and living off it either way. She reminds me a lot of ourselves. People don’t appreciate different especially in the UK until everywhere else does, that’s when they want to co-sign you but before they were fast asleep.

What can we expect musically from you guys in 2018?

[Henny]: A lot of great things, Nicki is gearing up for the release of her EP and we’re working on a Knighthood project so stay tuned.

[Nicki]: 2018, shutdown. Mark my words.


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