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Tonia Victoria is an upcoming artist from Huddersfield/South London who has a charming vibe to her music that inspires the women of today to love themselves wholeheartedly and celebrate their femininity.

She started making music at a young age and has continued to evolve into an amazing artist with a style and demeanour that makes her rise in the music scene an admirable one.

In 2017 Tonia Victoria released her debut project entitled ‘Herstory’, a 6-track EP that shares her life experiences with a dazzling, infused sound of R&B, Soul & Hip-Hop.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Tonia Victoria as she gives us more of an insight into her debut project, the importance of women’s empowerment in her music and plans for 2018.

Hi Tonia, firstly, how did you get started in music and how would you describe your musical style?

I first began making music properly when I was in secondary school, I moved down to London in year 9 and I was able to choose to go to a performing arts school. While there I considered myself to be really lucky because the school I went to had a recording studio and a musician in residence, which meant that I was able to get beats that I could write music to and record music at will. However, I only really started releasing music properly in 2017, starting with a couple of singles and finally getting to the release of my EP.

In regards to my style, I always struggle with that question. I really like to pride myself on the fact that I don’t have one particular style. I’m free to create and do whatever I want to do without having boundaries that I am unable to move beyond. However, if we’re talking about ‘Herstory’ then I guess it’s pretty R&B/Soul/Jazz/Hip-Hop, I mean there’s elements of everything but they’re the ones that stick out to me I guess.


The project touches on many relatable concepts and offers an array of sounds from R&B, Soul and Hip Hop. Who would you say are your musical influences?

That would be my family if I’m honest, my Dad was one of the dopest guys around town. He used to travel with reggae sound systems when he was my age and apparently him and his boys were THE GUYS to be around back in the days.

My Mum was a HUGE Lovers Rock fan and she definitely made sure that I was always aware of my heritage and where I come from through the medium of music. I have seven brothers and each of them have all had their influence whether it was Grime, Hip Hop, Bassline or Garage. Each and every one of them has influenced my listening preferences.


The name of the project is ‘Herstory’ what significance does the title have for the overall message of the EP?

Okay, well. The obvious answer is that this is very much my story and I am female so, that makes sense, right? But honestly, I also went with this because of the strength of the word. It stands out, you know? I mean, it’s debatable that “Herstory” sounds a lot more powerful than the word “History” in my opinion. It’s just so played out, so overused that you don’t even think about the fact that the words used are HIS STORY, which can then take you into a whole different universe of theories. It is literally my life and thought process, written down and converted into audio.


In tracks like “Loners Rule” you speak on the importance of being your own person and the fact that being both single and independent is not as lonely as people make it out to be, why was the context of the track important to you?

Every single day, I was hearing someone in conversation or I’d see something on TV or whatever, and people will be complaining about being single, saying how they’ve been feeling list without a significant other and I just thought nah F**K THAT. Being a Loner is dope! Knowing yourself is dope because once you know how to deal with yourself, you then know how to deal with others when you’re in that situation but at the same time, you don’t rely on them in order for you to be happy. Happiness starts at home my g. Happiness starts with you.

‘Herstory’ has received a lot of great feedback not to mention the fact that you have over 100,000 streams on Spotify, what’s your plan for 2018?

Honestly, since I released the project last year I haven’t stopped. The feedback that it has been receiving is massively appreciated because it spurs you on to do more and work even harder.

This year I have a lot of things happening in terms of releasing visuals and making more music, but I’ll also be doing a hell of a lot more performing at venues up and down the UK. I’m going to be releasing some new material this year, where I’ll be switching up the vibe a little and showing people the other sides of Tonia, so to speak, but I think one of the most exciting things I have booked in at the moment, is the fact that I’ve been asked to play at Soundwave Festival in Croatia this summer!


What’s your favourite track on the project and why?

My favourite has to be Loners Rule, it’s the most fun to perform and I love the positive effect that it has on people’s confidence. I get messages all the time from people saying that Loners Rule, in particular, has helped them battle through some sort of pain or heartache and to me that has got to be the biggest blessing that I have ever received.


If you had to describe the project in one word how would you describe it?

I mean, it’s called Herstory, right?


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