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Following from his previous singles ‘Space’ and ‘Roll With Me’, Tantzz returns with visuals for his latest anthem “Outrageous”

Tantzz’s solo effort is noteworthy for his melodic raps and wavey flows. The bass bumping track showcases Tantzz style as he speaks on his lifestyle and staying on his grind.

Speaking on the concept behind his latest track, Tantzz says: “Outrageous is just about having fun, I wanted to make a “feel good” song that you can play and sing along to whilst you are getting ready to turn up! or you can even play it whilst you are getting ready to go work, it’s a multi-purpose song!”

We took a moment to ask Tantzz how he got started in music and what we can expect from him musically for the rest of 2019:

“I started off watching the older MC’s from my ends (Regents Park estate, Camden) a collective called 6 ft Under. They had MC’s like Mystic & Sneakz, they were doing Grime (It was still classed as Garage back then) and they used to get mad love in youth clubs. I kind of wanted to be like them so I started writing from a young age and since then I just been in love with music”.

“I am going to make a name and establish myself in the UK music scene, expect to see more visuals from me! Hopefully, if I keep progressing there might even be a four or five track EP full of fresh music!”

Check out the visuals above and let us know what you think!

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