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Spoken Word poet Rae Levinè has a unique way of crafting her art to raise awareness of many social issues in the world such as police brutality and knife crime to name a few. Rae Levinè continues to develop and refine her sound to spread an authentic message to the world.

Rae Levinè shares her personal experiences in the form of a 3-piece debut EP entitled ‘Tears Fall, Passion Swims’, a compelling project that evokes a range of emotions as she opens up to the world with her talents.

We had the honour to speak to Rae Levinè as she speaks to us on how she got started with Spoken Word, the process and development of her latest project and bravely tackling depression and anxiety head-on:

“I guess the courage comes from that, knowing that I could be the voice of someone who isn’t able to say what he or she is feeling, that’s where I gained the strength.”

You have a very sincere style with your Spoken Word pieces. Firstly, how did you get into Spoken Word and how would you describe your work?

I wrote my first poem when I was 12, I attended an Open Mic night with a few friends and they told me to perform the poem I had written. So, I did, I received a standing ovation and I haven’t looked back since, basically, I’d describe my work as different, a feeling of transparency, diverse and something I feel the people who hear my pieces can connect with or relate to on a level.


Spoken Word is considered to be one of the purest art forms, would you say Spoken Word has given you a voice?

Yes of course it has! Not only has it given me a voice to vent and express my inner self in ways I never could, but it taught me how other people feel about their feelings and situations or conflicts that they face.


Although short in length, ‘Tears Fall, Passion Swims’ is a very impactful, captivating project from start to finish. Tell us more about the development of the EP and what gave you the inspiration to create it?

I’ve always wanted to create an EP, but for a while, the timing just wasn’t right. But with Tears Fall, Passion Swims, the subject that pushed it was Mental Health and my experience with it is what fuelled the inspiration for me to create the project. It’s a subject close to home and believes needs to be heard, it’s no longer a taboo topic and I know others out there probably don’t have a voice to express how they felt and I believe this EP could help many who are struggling!


I felt the structure of ‘Tears Fall, Passion Swims’ mirrored the idea of someone falling back in love with themselves after battling their inner thoughts. How would you describe the story?

Exactly that! I am so thrilled that you could get that from just listening to my words because that’s exactly what I wanted to portray and precisely what I want my listeners to get from it.


On the EP, if you had to pick a line on the project that resonates with you the most, what would it be and what does it mean to you?

This line would have to be the one that resonates with me currently:
“I’m learning to pour each gallon of myself into a pool of happiness”

I’ve chosen this line because it reflects the fluidity of my life and shows me that I’m moving on from this, I’ve found acceptance and I’m at a happier stage in my mindset and life and bit by bit, I’ve reached that pool of happiness.


Which track would you say was the most difficult to record and why?

I’d say the first track ‘6 Months Deep’ was the hardest to record. Mainly because I was very much suffering from the depression when I wrote and recorded it. It made me have to look at myself and almost relive certain things all over again. I guess, writing it down was one thing, but actually recording it & listening back to it, it’s almost like it became more real and it made me realise how broken my mental state really was.

Throughout the project you were transparent and unapologetically yourself sharing your experiences, how do you find the courage to speak on such important topics?

I contemplated for a long time whether or not I wanted to world to know such a vulnerable side of me; it was literally a battle between sharing it and just recording it all and keeping it to myself, just to say I did it. But I knew someone else other than me could be going through the exact same experience and aren’t able to express themselves like I did with Spoken Word. I guess the courage comes from that, knowing that I could be the voice of someone who isn’t able to say what he or she is feeling, that’s where I gained the strength.


You proved that there is a light at the end of the tunnel with “Untitled”. How therapeutic was it for you when you finished the last track of the EP?

So therapeutic! I didn’t want to keep the story as being stuck, I wanted to show the transition between the feelings of suffering from any mental illness and that, there will be good days and bad days, but those good days alone will happen and are coming, eventually.


What would your main message be for anyone suffering from mental health and anxiety?

To be able to speak out and not keep things bottled up. It is not a weakness but rather a strength as you then bring others into your world and they are aware of how you feel. I want them to know that they are loved, they are brave, they are worthy, they are amazing, and they will get through this horrible time. The most important thing is, that they are not alone!

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