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After the release of his 7-track EP titled ‘Shackles’, Boy Nash returns from a brief hiatus with his brand-new single entitled “Gotham”

Produced by Mantis Media, Boy Nash pays homage to the roots of Hip Hop with his lyricism as he showcases his lyricism over a smooth, nostalgic sampled production. The catchy hook adds a touch of realness within the record displaying a huge level of passion for his music.

“Gotham” brings the listener to a state of deep thought with the introspective opening line: “What’s your purpose, what’s your vision/Are you driven, are you living, are you breathing or existing?

We had a chance to speak to Boy Nash to get an insight into his latest single and the reason for his hiatus:

“The track was initially titled decisions as the theme for the song was based on decisions and questions. I believe that the decisions you make today affect your future, and that was the main theme of the song”.

“Also, the song was not premeditated, I literally heard the beat in the studio and started writing and Gotham is what came out. I think maybe I was going through a tough stage at the time because 2016 was a very creative year for me but I had underlining doubt about my music, for reasons I don’t even know why.”

“Music has always been a form of therapy and expression for me so I can just say the track was developed out of real honesty and me questioning aspects of life, like whose real and whose fake”.

With Boy Nash returning with an introspective offering, we can expect to hear a lot more from the lyricist in 2019.

Check out Boy Nash’s brand new single and let us know what you think!

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