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North West London artist Patrin is a breath of fresh air in the UK music scene and dedicates his music to a generation of dream chasers who aspire to reach their goals and create a legacy.

The Harlesden rapper showcases his ability to make insightful, introspective music with the release of his debut mixtape ‘Time Will Tell’, a 12 track project that showcases his versatile lyricism as he speaks about the things that are important to him such as uplifting his community and his views on current affairs within today’s society. Patrin uses the concept of time to reflect on the past as well as his ambitions for the future which highlights his true passion and calling for music.

The harmonious introductory track “Timeless” sets the tone and the positive ethos of the project as Patrin speaks on the topic of self-motivation and encouragement.

His aspirations as an artist allow us to learn more about the man behind the music. Patrin’s subject matter is important on this project as he boldly shows a vulnerable side to his artistry speaking on what he believes in which is admirable for the emerging artist.

Tracks like “Blinded By Love”, “Well Wishes” and “To Whom It May Concern” demonstrate Patrin’s ability to tell captivating stories in his music covering real life issues and embracing authentic emotions.

We spoke to Patrin to learn a little bit more about his musical style, his influence and what his debut mixtape means to him:

Firstly, how would you describe your musical style?

Honest, open. I started with poetry so it’s always got that element involved. Kind of like a cake, poetry for the sugar and butter. The message I’d say is like the flour because without it there is no delicacy and the icing comes with the flow and cadence.

Did you have a particular goal or aim when producing your debut mixtape ‘Time Will Tell’, what did you want it to represent?

A message. I wanted to talk to people and say I’m really with you, from the girl who feels insecure so lacks the confidence to the dude riding a bird in bin, because we all go through the same emotions it just manifests different and those times we feel alone.

What influenced you to want to make music that focuses on uplifting a generation as self-expression, staying focused and following your dreams seems to be a recurring theme on the project?

Music is a tool, a powerful one, if not the most powerful tool and utilised wrong it could be dangerous. But contrary to that, it could be powerful. I honestly do see it as God’s work, the same way how God gave Moses a song, I feel he’s given me one to share. So I see it as God, just because I’m not in a robe quoting do’s and don’ts from a bible doesn’t mean it ain’t true, because who else is going to be out here to a scorned generation, so I felt I’d use my talent to try impact a generation and if it could touch at least one person I felt I’ve done my job.

On your debut mixtape, you seem to have your heart on your sleeve throughout the project showing both a level of authenticity and vulnerability. How important is it for you to speak honestly in your music?

The most. If it ain’t true then I couldn’t do it. That’s why I do it, I’ll tell you I’ve cried or felt alone or been happy or whatever because I can be myself, I don’t have to remember to be something I’m not or feel captive in pretending to be something I’m not because I know my soul and there’s relation in that, you draw to whatever you relate to, if you look around to your closest peers, you have a common interest or background, upbringing, something you can relate to. That’s why I feel honesty is important in whatever you do, not just music. Honesty is freedom.

Time is an important concept on the mixtape as you reflect on past experiences as well as speaking on your aspirations for the future. How would you say growing up in Harlesden shaped your music?

It’s shaped my lifestyle yet alone music, in both good ways and bad ways. It’s shown me the realities of the lows but also survival instincts, that lets me or qualifies me to speak on certain topics, because I’m there like, I’m actually in it, it ain’t a façade or me saying it because it sells. I can really write a poem called ‘LoveYourselfBlackWoman’ or songs like ‘They don’t’ and ‘Nothing hurts more’ because I’m painting what’s around me, what I see every day and that’s both bad and beauty.

What does your debut mixtape mean at the early stages of your promising music career?

Time will tell lol with no pun intended. But for now, it means the most, more so than anything else I’ve done because it’s now clear more so than ever who I am, not just as an artist but as a person. I’ve learnt a lot making this tape because I’m not the most polished, most experienced artist but I try, I’m growing. I know how things work a lot more than before like PR, interviews and recording, mixing, graphic designing so next, I can take what I’ve learnt, apply it and double up.

What’s next for you now that the mixtape is out?

More. More music, more messages, more product. There’s so much more I wanna do, but I have personal goals too like acting and learning the guitar, but immediate wise, I’m working on visuals.

If you could describe your debut mixtape ‘Time Will Tell’ in one word, what would that word be?

Yours x


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