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Knighthood representative Nicki Knightz has returned with the release of her latest track “Hate”

Produced by fellow Knighthood member Henny Knightz and Sau Ali, the lead single is off her upcoming debut project which is sure to be an exciting time for the Hackney artist!

“Hate is a single for every misfit that has ever received hate for being different, for having a voice and for most importantly standing up for themselves”.

The track unravels some home truths of her past and how it made her stronger as a result. The honesty of the track is compelling as Nicki Knightz aims to create relatable music based on real-life experiences.

Speaking on the concept of the track, Nicki Knightz goes on to explain:
“’Hate’ is a song where I address the emotion that has been such a consistent feeling for myself from encounters with people from my past mainly”.

“Throughout this whole stage of writing and recording the song, I started to analyse why certain people haven’t taken to me in the past or rather not been very fond of me. I realised that the ‘hate’ isn’t necessarily because of me or how I came across… it has a lot to do with how a person feels about themselves, whatever insecurities they could have possibly been triggered by comparison or from them seeing my potential”.

We had a chance to speak to Nicki Knightz to find out how easy it is for her to get personal in her music and plans for The Knighthood Society

“Sometimes I have an inner conflict where I think maybe I shouldn’t have got that deep or as personal more so. But, it’s something that I will never change. I think the people that do follow my music like it because of the rawness of the lyrics. I will never tone it down or make it more ‘acceptable’. It’s what I love most about creating songs”.

“The Knighthood Society brand will definitely be a name that will be highly recognised musically when we  look back at the best of the year from the scene”.

Check out the track above and let us know what you think!

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