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South London rapper Little Torment’s musical journey is a tale of determination, passion and resilience

 His honest insight into the streets and his desire to make it and live out his dreams has made Little Torment a stand out artist in the UK Rap scene. His debut project ‘Behind Closed Doors’ is a UK road rap classic and highlights the rise of the young South Londoner.

Despite the trials and tribulations, Little Torment is looking to re-establish himself as one of the best in the game with his highly anticipated project ‘Behind Closed Doors 3’.

We had a chance to speak to Little Torment to learn more about his third instalment, his current mindset and what keeps him going as an artist.


 Why Behind Closed Doors 3? Do you feel it’s the right time in your career to give us the third instalment?

Yeah, it’s the right time because ‘Behind Closed Doors’ is where I let it all out, flaws & EVERYTHING else… I feel like I’m at bursting point again, so I need to spill… whereas my other material isn’t as personal. This tape is partially me venting & coming to terms with some harsh truths.


Your debut is definitely a timeless UK classic. There was a lot of optimism and aspects of perseverance throughout the project, despite living and growing up in harsh conditions. What inspired you to create your debut all those years ago?

I was venting back then as well, I didn’t realise though… I didn’t realise the power of music either, I was unconscious to the whole journey I was about to begin, that’s the honest truth. Loving music and the need to vent!


Why was the name of your debut project ‘Behind Closed Doors’?

I called it Behind Closed Doors because I literally opened that door to my life for everyone to see, judge and learn from my experiences.


You have other noteworthy releases outside of the Behind Closed Doors series.  ‘Time Is Music’ was you making a return to the music with a brand-new hunger. Tell us more about that stage in your life?

I was doing loads of late nights in the studio definitely trying to find my footing again (laughs)… that was a weird time.


You were coined as an artist bringing that real-life rap back to the UK music scene, how would you say the UK Rap scene has evolved over the years?

UK Rap is doing better. I’m seeing lives being changed from it, so I’m happy for that.


Do you think the UK music scene still has room for lyricists such as yourself?

I haven’t seen a lyricist like myself become a part of the UK music scene, I mean that it in so many ways, my listeners would know what I mean.


There have been times where you’ve been away from music. Nevertheless, you are still held in high regard despite the set-backs, what keeps you going?

Positive people around me, the support from fans, even the hate and the doubt. Also, the competition, sometimes I might listen to one of these rappers and I just want to show off my shit (laughs).


Having been in the game for several years what would you say was the biggest learning curve for you as an artist?

This is just business, nothing should be taken personal.


Earlier in the year you dropped “Start From Scratch”, the track was introspective and very nostalgic for those who followed your musical journey. Do you feel like your re-branding yourself in the game?

No, not at all… I’ve just grown. So, some things I see differently.


Do you feel that you have been overlooked by the industry that tends to keep an eye out for viral sensations rather than genuine good artists?

Maybe, but that’s down to whoever’s business decisions, it’s not something I think about. I’m securing the check in front of me if that makes sense.


With your latest project dropping this year, will Behind Closed Doors 3 be a coming of age project for all the fans that have supported you throughout?

I wouldn’t say a coming of age project, just an update. It will be an insight into how I will be going forward and where my priorities lye, I think they will appreciate it.

Lastly, for those checking this out that are unaware of the Behind Closed Doors series, how would you describe your upcoming release?

Honest, Harsh, Solid, BANGERS!


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