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Published on January 16th, 2017 | by Tariq Peters



As we embrace the New Year there’s been a lot of success stories in 2016 that proves that the UK music scene is bigger than it’s ever been, with many artists becoming household names in the music industry. One thing that we’ve noticed which is really significant is the number of artists outside the capital making a huge amount of noise in the industry and paving their own lane in the music scene, Leicester representative JB Scofield happens to be one of them!

We first came across JB Scofield back in 2015 when he released his debut EP ‘The XXX XXXX’ Chronicles’, a short yet impactful project which was a warning to the entire scene that the up and coming Leicester native is going to shake things up in the UK Rap scene. His debut EP intrigued us as it was definitely something both refreshing and unique and we were definitely excited to hear more from the Leicester City striker.

JB Scofield has been putting his city on the map as well as gaining attention overseas having collaborated with Dutch artist Sevn Alias for the track “Mandem”, which has accumulated over three million views on YouTube which proved to be a monstrous link up taking his sound to international heights.

We asked JB Scofield what does ‘Scoseason’ mean to him at this stage of his career in which he proudly replied:

“It’s crazy man real talk, I have been performing these songs that weren’t even released at the time and the reactions were so crazy, it always reassured me that Scoseason would do a madness!”

JB Scofield is back with his highly anticipated debut mixtape ‘Scoseason’, an 11 track mixtape co-produced by JITL which aims to show the world that the Fresh Prince of Leicester is ready to take his rightful throne in the UK Rap scene.

The mixtape begins with the self-titled intro “Scoseason”, a bass bumping track which highlights his hard graft to the top, his city vouching for him and his determination to break down the industry door which has him feeling like the infamous Michael Scofield.

JB Scofield has never been one to conform nor compromise with his music as he delivers in the hard-hitting “Dirty KA” as he effortlessly demonstrates his range of impeccable flows over a relentless, up-tempo production.

Heavily co-signed by the likes of GRM Daily Editor & XL Recordings A&R CarolineSM, the #NewGenRadio favourite “Foreign” still remains one of the coldest, waviest tracks of 2016. JB Scofield speaks on his desire for foreign cars, foreign clothes and foreign women and does so in a suave manner. If you think this track couldn’t get any better JB Scofield recruits Tony Funds and Yxng Bane for the official “Foreign Remix” for the bonus track.

JB Scofield teams up with rising Tottenham star Ekeno for the impressive “Skrilla” as both artists speak on their drive for money as they both offer solid verses back to back which proved to be an unexpected, yet massive link up from Tottenham to Leicester.

JB Scofield joins forces with Nottingham’s dynamic duo Young T & Bugsey  for “SNM” as this explosive track is certified proof that the East Midlands are producing some of the hottest UK rappers as of late and this track fails to disappoint as they speak on their current success in the music scene and putting on for their cities.

JB Scofield strays away from the energy fuelled bangers to give us a little something different in “All The Time” featuring JustDizzy’s Aphro. The smooth, vibrant vocals from Aphro stood out on the track and proved to be one of the catchier songs on the mixtape as both artists complemented each other’s styles very well.

The debut mixtape ‘Scoseason’ is a perfect, well-rounded entry for the New Year and confirms that JB Scofield is one of the most exciting prospects in the UK for his innovative style of Rap, infused with wavy flows and compelling productions courtesy of JITL. After a series of successful shows in the UK and overseas it is evident that JB Scofield has an innovative style that cannot be replicated proving that his versatility, energy and charisma as an artist remain unmatchable and his debut mixtape epitomises that.

Favourite Track: All The Time featuring Aphro

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