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Fonzie has maintained the ability to deliver songs that resonate with not only the younger generation but songs that can be appreciated by all walks of life.

After the release of his well-received track “Just Friends”, the West London rapper is back with his latest track “Play Fair”, a track which is centred around trust issues as he breaks away from the people that have let him down in the past.

Speaking on the concept of his latest track, Fonzie explains “throughout my life, I have shown a lot of love for people and put a lot of trust in people thinking they were genuine when this was not the case and because of that I have trust issues and now keep myself to myself.”

We spoke to Fonzie to get a brief outlook on how he got started in music and his musical influences over the years:

“I used to play football professionally and got started in music at 22 and whenever my friends would throw on a beat I would just mess around and freestyle over it”.

“So one day when I was messing around one of my friends who was a rapper was like “please Fonz, please Fonz just make a song , just make a song“, so I just made one song and put together a video for it and it generated over 33,000 views and I was like wow I can actually do this”.

“My musical style is not so structured, and I would say that I have an unorthodox style. My musical influences are Andre 3000, Kanye West, Pharrell & Jay Z. But to be fairly honest I find great influence in people who just push the boundaries and don’t stick to the generic sound we typically hear today”.

“In 2018, I’m delivering music on top of music, on top of music, on top of music and to be honest with you I’m blowing up this year!”

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