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North London rapper Darkz is back with his introspective offering “Neo’s Dilemma”

Produced by Nosa Apollo, the atmospheric production complements the soulful artistry of Darkz as he shares his aspirations for the future and breaking out of the matrix to live a more fulfilling life.

Speaking on the concept behind his latest track, Darkz goes on to explain: The concept behind Neo’s Dilemma is exactly as the second word says “Dilemma”. As an artist coming up I battle between various life choices, being a human being first and foremost and then being an artist. On the surface, this could be studio time or being with everyone else at the club but on a much deeper level, the grind itself becomes hard to manage and sometimes you neglect the other side of life, and sometimes I just want to feel good about it all”.

We managed to have a quick word with Darkz about his biggest influence and musical plans for the future.

“Life itself is the biggest influence in my music personally; it’s all about the feeling. It’s about how the beats or sounds make me feel and how the words in my songs are interpreted. Sometimes I hear elements of music from both the past and present and think “Ahh that was cool, I might try that one day” and I just leave the songs to write themselves”.

“I usually just tell people to stay tuned but with how I’ve been feeling about the music recently, I’d like for people to look forward to more singles and videos to them and a more than likely project by the end of the year”.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think!

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