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After the release of his well-received debut EP ‘Crayons’, Manchester-based poet and alternative Hip-Hop artist Dámì Sule is back with his latest track “Wounded”.

The track comes from an introspective place as Dámì Sule tackles a range of topics covering love, trust, jealousy and racism. His bold, lyrical style complemented with the mellow production puts his subject matter at the forefront addressing important issues that everyone can relate to.

Speaking on the concept of his latest track, Dámì Sule explains “Wounded is all about pain. As pain is a psychological concept, in essence, we can feel pain from anything. I try to magnify it down to issues I feel cut deep in topics such as love, racism, jealousy etc. These are topics I feel hurt by, but topics widely felt by those I share the earth with.”

Paint my shackles with gold, tell me I’m worth more than my brothers were sold

We managed to catch up with Dámì Sule to learn about his musical journey and the importance of evoking a range of emotions with his music:

 “I started music through the fear of not pursuing what was initially just an idea. The fear that I wouldn’t know what I was capable of.  I later found the courage to fulfil my desire of making music, turning my poems into something more superficial.

“I don’t feel like I have a style, I feel like I change depending on what music I want to create and the vibe I get when I’m writing.  I’ve heard others describing some of my songs as mood music.  No matter what label people try to put on it, I always make sure there’s emotion, feelings and substance in every song.”

“I want to experience more, grab the ears of more people.  Guaranteed, I will release more music and another project and perform at more shows across the country.  2018 is another year of growth, a year to solidify my position in music.”

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