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Published on February 24th, 2017 | by Tariq Peters



“Understanding Knowledge Brings Answers”

Cashtastic rose from the streets of Peckham, South London to become one of the most influential artists in the UK.  Cashtastic proved at an early stage of his career that he was way ahead of his time and soon became the voice of a generation that strives to break out of hardship and strife. It’s the pain he carried growing up that influenced him to paint captivating pictures with his music as he tells us a compelling story of his come up.

Cashtastic proved to be well advanced as an artist with wisdom and maturity way beyond his years. The world soon learnt that with his legendary Link Up TV: Behind Barz “Champion Freestyle”. He then followed up with the release of his highly acclaimed mixtape “Lil Bit of Cash” and later in 2014 with “Alarm Clock” which shook the industry and proved that Cashtastic has what it takes to be one of the biggest names in the UK music scene.

With everything falling into place and Cashtastic climbing up the ranks in the UK music scene, it was then stopped abruptly when he was detained by the UK Border Agency and sent back to Jamaica due to technicalities with his immigration status. Despite his ordeal, Cashtastic is back with his brand new project ‘UKBA’, a 14 track mixtape that focuses on the next chapter of Cashtastic’s story as he comes to terms with his new life developing a new sense of energy, charisma and direction with his music.

The project begins with “Staying Up” as Cashtastic is back in full effect to prove that no matter how big the setback is nothing will stop him achieving his goals. Cashtastic proves to still be a problem in the game as he reflects on the last couple years he’s spent in Jamaica with a refined outlook on life.

In tracks like “Netflix (Everything)” the fire is reignited with a mission to regain and spread knowledge worldwide with his music and take over the game once again.

Cashtastic reflects on some of his earliest memories growing up in both Jamaica and South London in tracks such as “I Remember” featuring Moelogo and “Where I’m From”. These tracks highlight his aspirations of becoming a footballer but being led astray by his surroundings filled with violence, drugs and limited prospects. Cashtastic endured dark times growing up but the music was an outlet that allowed him to break free of the chains.

Cashtastic has always paid homage to his culture but it seems that ‘UKBA’ has allowed Cashtastic to become fully immersed in his roots as he has incorporated various heartfelt melodies and vibrant productions on the project in tracks like: “Ain’t That The Truth”, “Time Will Tell” and “Humiliation”.

Cashtastic puts his heart on his sleeve for “Pain” as he sincerely gives us the true realities of his upbringing which puts many things into perspective for fans that idolise him. Cashtastic declares he’s human too and we’re all affected by pain and struggle in different ways, but there will always be a way to rise up against it and persevere, which he asserts in the jubilant “Round Of Applause”.

The project concludes with a no holds barred snippet entitled “The Real Reason” as he explicitly speaks on the true reason as to why he was deported and forced to leave the country. The track expresses how he kept his integrity throughout the whole situation as we begin to learn how the oppressive system failed Cashtastic.

‘UKBA’ is truly uplifting and serves as a reminder that Cashtastic is undoubtedly one of the most articulate, expressive rappers of our time, as he truly speaks from the heart and represents something much bigger than himself, which is reflected heavily in this project. His come up is incomparable and his conviction to continue making music of this calibre displays how courageous and strong-willed he is and as a result, Cashtastic is better than he’s ever been.

Favourite Track: Pain

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