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Published on March 26th, 2017 | by Tariq Peters



“Got too much pride to hit you with some weak verses/Quality Control this shit is getting refurbished”

Bonkaz is in a fantastic place musically as he rightly asserts that he is making the best music he’s ever made right now! After what was a roller-coaster year for the Croydon artist, Bonkaz made the conscious decision to make his music do all the talking with his 2016 releases “Working Under Pressure and “F*ck Fame”.

Since then, it seems that the flame has reignited and as a result Bonkaz is back again with the highly demanded ‘Quality Control 2.0’, the sequel to his first ever debut project ‘Quality Control’, a mixtape that is well regarded amongst many and has a rightful place on the mantelpiece of UK classics.

‘Quality Control 2.0’ was entirely produced by none other than Soul who was also responsible for many tracks on the ‘NEW GEN’ album. ‘Quality Control 2.0’ features a fruitful, versatile selection of artists that help enhance the project from the likes of Mark Asari, Ghetts, Loick Essien, Brandz, J Warner and Paige Lihya.

The mixtape begins with the reflective “Intro” as Bonkaz jumps straight in with insightful lyrics speaking on his development as an artist. However, despite the maturity and growth in his music, he believes it won’t get the respect it deserves for not conforming to a style of music that doesn’t resonate with him. Nevertheless, integrity means everything to Bonkaz as ‘Quality Control 2.0’ was never aimed to build on his fan base, but to shed light on the realities of his life at that present moment. Notable lines include: “Still up in the tunnel but there really ain’t no end to my vision/ I ain’t going out like them they’re gonna remember me different”.

This is followed by “Pressure” featuring Mark Asari as Bonkaz speaks on handling the pressures of the industry and certain situations that attempted to throw him off course. As the saying goes “pressure makes diamonds” and Bonkaz has risen above those trying to halt his progress as he is undoubtedly sure that he’s destined for greatness.

Bonkaz recruits S Loud for the infectious money anthem “Cash Money”, the alluring production gives way for Bonkaz as he enters in a braggadocios fashion with a fiery delivery of hard hitting punch lines and witty wordplay complemented with the quirky, auto-tune approved chorus from S Loud proving to be a certified banger for the grinders and grafters on the road to riches.

Bonkaz takes a moment to focus on something more important than money with the endearing “My Brudda” featuring New Gen’s man of the moment Dotty. The two speak of their unconditional friendship way before the music, money and fame. The message presented on this track and the delivery is exceptional as they express the importance of true friendships as they’ve come a long way from making money on the road to performing side by side at shows.

Bonkaz is no stranger to making romantic songs for the ladies but it was refreshing to see him speak from a different perspective in tracks such as “Notebook” as he intimately speaks about a girl that he was once close with and tracks such as “One Too” and “Simple” as he covers the inevitable breakdown of relationships.

The mixtape concludes with the delicate sounds of “Easier” featuring Paige Lihya. The touching song covers the struggles of depression as Bonkaz sincerely speaks about the difficult experiences he had to face as well as those around him that felt alone and secluded from the world. The track initially begins with the uncertainty of ever getting back on his feet (“Tell me it’s going to get easier”). However, the transition halfway in the track is a heartfelt defining moment as Bonkaz proves that there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel for us all (“I promise it gets easier”).

Bonkaz has proved the naysayers wrong once and for all and has proved time and time again why he is deserving of the top spot. His dedication and desire to be recognised as the best gave him a hunger like no other which is why ‘Quality Control 2.0’ is one of his most important projects to date, as the mixtape mirrors the same drive, passion and determination that he had all those years ago. It’s safe to say that Bonkaz will go down as a legend in the UK music scene and it won’t be long until the whole world recognises Bonkaz for his artistry as he continues to excel and exceed in the UK music industry.

Forever Gang.

Favourite Track: My Brudda featuring Dotty

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