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Lewisham representative Big Nate is due to make a name for himself in the UK Rap scene as he spreads his relatable message with real-life lyrics speaking of the realities of the streets and using that as his motivation to break out and build his own lane with his music.

Since the release of his debut EP last year entitled ‘Stormy Mind’, Big Nate took a step back to develop and refine his sound as he promised us that it will be worth the wait. Fast forward to 2017 and the wait is finally over as Big Nate is back with his brand new full-length mixtape ‘In My Prime’, a 12-track mixtape that covers an array of topics surrounding his lifestyle and his determination to revolt against the constraints the hood brings.

The mixtape begins with the “Intro”, an insightful spoken word piece that introduces us to Big Nate and his current state of mind as he boldly speaks on how we all have the ability to choose the right path in life despite our circumstances as he makes it clear that our past does not define our future.

Tracks like “Real Talk”, “Breakthrough”, “Mind Over Matter” featuring Kharise and “Reborn” featuring Kish are just a few noteworthy tracks on the project that showcases his ability to reflect on his past experiences growing up in South London and embracing the newfound opportunities in music to succeed.

‘In My Prime’ represents a coming of age for Big Nate as he has indeed proved that he is an exciting prospect coming out of Lewisham and continues to improve speaking on the importance of ambition and perseverance in his music.

We had a chance to speak to Big Nate to learn a little more on his musical journey, his growth as an artist and what his new project represents:

How would you describe your musical style and what influenced you to make music?

My music style is very unique to many people I hear rapping nowadays. I just feel the beat and write what I feel each and every time. My flow will more than likely change every couple tunes but once you listen to more of my music you’ll realise how versatile I can be.

You started the mixtape with a powerful spoken word intro that sums up your journey and where your mindset currently is, what was your main aim for this project?
My main aim for this project was to primarily show to people that I am only getting better and can adapt easier now. So this is sort of me sounding the alarm announcing myself! Lol

We first noticed you with the release of your debut EP ‘Stormy Mind’, how would you say you have evolved as an artist since then and how does this project differ from your debut?

I feel like I have matured quite a lot since then. I’ve been through various things since then too so I guess I have drawn the emotion from life situations into my music and used it to paint a different picture.

One of our favourite tracks on the project “Breakthrough”, you explain how people don’t want to see others prosper in their chosen fields. How important is it for you to break out the negative cycle with your music?

It’s very important. For example, rappers who start to make it out the hood will keep being dragged back into certain things because they don’t want to see someone doing well for themselves in a positive way. We can all make it in any way we choose. Be honest, get money and prosper but it’s better legally lol.

The title of the mixtape is self-explanatory but what is it that makes you feel that you’re ready to take your music to the next level?

Every song I make now is just improving so I feel much more comfortable. I think I’m ready to get my music out everywhere because people need to hear what I’m saying. I’m not just rapping about random things more time there’s a message. I have a lot more to share.

What’s next for you now that mixtape is out? Any visuals we should be keeping an eye out for?

Yes! Visuals are a must right now I hope everybody is ready to see my ugly face everywhere soon! Haha.

If you had to showcase one track off the mixtape, what track would that be and why?

I think it would be “Powers”. I’m feeling good right now and “Powers” illustrates that with the upbeat tempo and how I’m talking. I like this whole project, I still can’t believe I made it lol.

If you could describe “In My Prime” in one word, how would you describe it?


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